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Here at Sunfire Labradors, we offer overnight boarding if your dogs need a place stay. We charge on per-day basis, and if picking up before 12 noon the next day, there is no charge for that extra day of boarding. If picking up any time after 12 noon, an additional day of boarding charges will be added to your bill. Please download a copy of our and have it filled out and ready when you drop off your pet. We will need you to download and fill out a copy of our as well. You can upload a completed copy of the form and submit it to us online right here, right now.

NOTE: These forms can be filled out directly from your computer if you download them and open with a PDF reader that is capable of handling type input.

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Please provide enough food for the entire boarding stay along with a little extra just in case your vacation is extended (if you opt for in-house food we will provide the appropriate amount).

We would love to give your animal their treats! Because of food allergies we do not provide treats. MEDICATION

Provide all medication your animal will need to receive while they are boarding with us.
Please let us know your usual method of medicating. We provide peanut butter to use but any other method (pill pockets, chicken, etc…) must be provided.


• Nylabones
• Kong toys with their favorite treat or extra kibble • Other durable chew toys

In most cases these toys can be left in the kennel with your animal to keep them occupied when unsupervised. You can bring their favorite stuffed animal, rope toy or squeaky toy, but these will only be given when supervised.


Dog beds – We will be happy to put bedding provided by you or blankets provided by us in their kennel. Just a reminder some dogs who don’t chew on their bedding at home may chew on them while in the kennel environment.

Old T-Shirt – Sleep with an old t-shirt before you leave and send it with you animal while they board with us. This way they have something that smells like home while they are with us. Make sure the t-shirt is something you don’t care if it gets dirty, chewed up, or otherwise ruined.





Tennis Balls

We use our own tennis balls that go through the wash after every use.


This is a choking hazard.


We have plenty of our own bedding that we provide all dogs who can use it (as long as they do not chew). So you do know have to bring bedding. Sometimes we need to wash your dog’s bedding while they are here with us and there have been times it can get misplaced in our loads of laundry. If you want your animal to have the smell of home, try the shirt idea above!

Feed Stands (unless for medical reason)

These can pose a safety risk in a confined space.
Dog Feeding Bowls – We provide each animal with a food and water bowl, which is washed and disinfected after every use.