"Sunfires’s Ziva Blue Sky at Graham’s (Ziva) is everything I want in a dog. She is smart and learns quickly. Lovable and wants to please me. She moves beautifully and is a gorgeous dog. She is a natural retriever, loves to swim and dive, and learned basic obedience very quickly (she is only 5 months old) I can’t wait to see what we can do together! I wasn’t planning on getting another dog for a few years, but when Anita said I have this one available and I knew the pedigrees and breeders on both sides, I thought I might not get another chance at what I think is one of the best dogs ever, and I am so glad I went for it. You can’t go wrong with one of Sunfires’s pups – and Anita is always available to answer questions or help out if you need her."
Tamela Graham (Tami)
October 05, 2016