Socialization and Medical care




From the moment that the puppies are born, they have human interaction.  Pups are lovingly cared for in a whelping box in our family room, with constant 24-hour supervision until the puppies are developed and independent enough that they can be left alone for short periods of time.  Safety and security of the puppies is essential so that no unfortunate accidents occur (such as the mother sitting on a puppy.) We assure that the puppies get plenty of nourishment from the mother and transition gradually to regular dog food.

Weather permitting, the puppies spend a lot of time outdoors on grass in our front yard.  We have many neighbors and passers-by who hold and play with the puppies.  The demographic that the puppies are exposed to ranges from elderly folks to toddlers, as well as people from different racial backgrounds.

Normally, when pups go to their forever homes, they are partially house-trained.

We breed and raise each litter with an eye towards possibly retaining one of the puppies for our home.  Each puppy receives the extraordinary care that we would expect if we purchased a puppy from another breeder.



Medical Care
Prior to going to their forever homes, the puppies receive their first set of shots (Distemper-Parvo), and have their eyes checked by a veterinarian specializing in ophthalmology.  They are micro-chipped and dewormed.  Any issues requiring a veterinarian are promptly attended to.  We only feed high quality food to our adults and puppies.